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eduCBA Academy for IT Training

This training material is designed for developers or college students. It assumes that students have basic understanding of programming and its concepts. The material is designed to give knowledge of basics of xml and then it covers almost all relevant xml topics and covers each topic to sufficient depth and covers java examples to give clarity on the topics. It also explains application of parsers and DTDs and XML technologies.
This course will explain in details What is XML, Applications of XML, XML Format and Structure, XML Elements, XML Attributes, XML Tag, XML Syntax, XML Naming Rules and Practices. We will be covering the following modules in details:
-Well-Formedness , Schemas and Validation
-View XML
-XML Parser
-XML Terminology
-Checking Validity
-XML Editors

Section1: Introduction
1 What is XML?
2 Applications of XML
3 XML Format and Structure, XML Elements, XML Attributes, XML Tag
4 XML Syntax, XML Naming Rules and Practices
Section 2: Well-Formedness , Schemas and Validation
5 XML Schema
6 Simple Type
7 Pattern Constraints
8 Restrictions on a series of Values
9 Complex type with Mixed Content
10 Reference a Group
11 Schema Examples
12 Final XML SChema
Section 3: View XML
13 View Raw XML in Browser
14 View XML with XSLT, CSS, HTML
Section 4: XML Parser
15 What are Parsers?
16 Example
17 DOM Parsers examples
18 Example continues
19 DOM Parser-Theory
20 SAX Parsers
21 SAX Parsers Examples
22 SAX Parser-Theory
Section 5: XSLT
23 Introduction to XSLT
24 Example of XSLT
25 XSLT value-of, for each, sort, if, choose
26 XSLT apply-template, for each
27 Another Example of XSLT
28 XSLT-javascript
Section 6: Stax
29 Introduction to Stax
30 What is Stax?
31 Stax Cursor API, Stax Iterator API
32 XML Event Reader Iterator
33 Reader Iterator API, Writer Iterator API
34 Reader Cursor API, XML Stream Reader
Section 7: JAXB
35 JAXB Intro PART-1
36 JAXB Intro PART-2
37 JAXB Annotation
38 JAXB Example using Schema Part 1
39 JAXB Example using Schema Part 2
40 JAXB Implementation Framework Part 1
41 JAXB Implementation Framework Part 2
Section 8: XLink
42 What is XLink Part 1
43 What is XLink Part 2
44 What is XLink Part 3
45 Extended Link Part 1
46 Extended Link Part 2
47 Extended Link - arc, show & actuate Part 1
48 Extended Link - arc, show & actuate Part 2
49 xlink summary of attribute reference
50 XPointer
51 XPath Introductiion
52 Xpath Example using xpath Builder Part 1
53 Xpath Example using xpath Builder Part 2
54 Xpath Example using xpath Builder Part 3
55 Xpath in xslt catalog cd example only


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Udemy XML Tutorials
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