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Ashish Dani

cmiVFX hits another home run to maintain the lead in the High End VFX Training game, by releasing a new hybrid topic for both the 3D Computer Graphics and 2D Photo crowd. Visualization is the art of making very precise renderings for all sorts of physical locations. No matter if your making location submissions for Film, Game Creation or Architecture, both speed and beauty are prerequisite for winning the job over from any client. At cmiVFX, we pride ourselves on covering all areas of the industry. Many of which are lucrative gems which can be hidden from entry level artists trying to make a name for themselves. When your looking to improve your range, in both your living quality and artist skill, there is only one choice! Visit cmiVFX.com and find out more today!

Introduction And Process
Visualization is a field which has consistently demanded the highest quality of realism over the years. A vision needs to be realized and presented to the client which will not only impress them but would also be used to pitch to customers. We start with examining a model of a house interior / patio and go over the various different sub-sections that make it up. We look into how the model is built, what and where the different components are used. Then go over some modeling techniques. Following that, we learn how to process textures from RAW images and their application to our model. Exploring different techniques, we look to quickly texture our model yet retaining the desired look. Once we done with texturing, we will build the shaders and spend some time in the look dev process to tweak them. It is important for the result that our shaders combined with textures are giving us the look and feel of what material they represent.
Once we have our base set working, we will bring in some “set-dressing” elements to populate it and giving it a feel of a live able space. We use 3D plants, lifestyle objects, etc. to give a sense to the viewer that it’s an environment where people live. Once we have everything as needed, we will work over on the lighting and rendering. Go over the settings and elements that we need for post processing. Taking that output we plug it into a 2D application where we fine tune our result. Add a matte painting backdrop that is provided, integrating it efficiently to the render & touching up in places for a final result.
One of the key takeaways from this tutorial is the balance between art & workflow. In today’s fast paced production environments it becomes important to achieve the desired output without spending too much time yet get an output which looks stunning. Software are always evolving, this gives us an opportunity to try out different workflows for speed and efficiency. Understanding how the software works, which tools are provided and how to use them, getting to know the render engine and having a target idea in mind is going to help us achieve a great result in a short amount of time. The techniques shown in the tutorial would be beneficial not only to architects, visualization artists but also to VFX community as the core ideas on how and what to do are the same.
Modeling Overview
In this chapter we would go over the architectural model provided. Study the various elements that make up each section – how the geometry is built, reasons for building it the way it’s done, etc. We will also go over some modeling techniques which can be useful in building up speed and workflows.
Textures play an important part. We will go over processing raw images into textures, balancing them and using them to set dress our model. We will go over how to quickly texture a large number of assets using different techniques.
Shading & Look Dev
Using VRay render engine, we will go over the shading logic on how make each element look the way it would in the real world. Look-Dev is an important step in today’s workflows where we test out how our elements are working as per the lighting.
Set Dressing
We will go over the remainder of the objects that we can use to attractively dress up our scene. For example, use CG plants, lifestyle objects, etc.
Lighting & Rendering
Setup our lighting using IBL and go over the render settings to get the best results.
Post Processing
Taking the render from CG, we will composite that to create a stunning realistic render for the client.

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cmiVFX Autodesk 3DS Max Visualization
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