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DVD Rippers Collection for Mac €25 buy download

AudialHub 1.07 for Mac

AudialHub is designed to chop through the mighty jungle of sound formats,
clearing a path for your music, podcasts, lectures, white noise, etc.
Easy as 1-2-3, simple as Do-Re-Mi.

DVD2one 2.3.1 for Mac

With DVD2one you can make a movie-only or full disk copy of your
DVD for personal use on a single DVD-Recordable.

Key features include:
*Unique video compression engine: combines blazing speed with the
highest quality.
*Multi-processor, multi-core and multi-computer (grid) compatible.
*Process a movie to fit on a single recordable in a matter of 15 to
30 minutes (depending on the speed of your computer).
*Make a movie-only copy of your DVD. Why waste space and image quality
on unnecessary intros, menus and language tracks?
*Make a full disk copy of your DVD. For those who want to keep those
fancy menus and intros.
*Powerful join mode. Useful for putting multiple episodes of a (tv)
series or joining both sides of a flipper on 1 disk.
*Batchprocessing: Program up to 15 disks to be processed one after
another without user intervention.
*Remaster your CDs on DVD in Super CD quality.
*Builtin burnengine.
*Target support for DVD Players, Media Players and PS3.
*Written from scratch, not based on any old code, libraries or
existing opensource projects.
*Both PC Windows and Mac OS-X versions available.


DVDRemaster Pro 5.1.1 for Mac

DVDRemaster is an application which recompresses large DVDs so they can
be burned on a standard DVD or converts them so they can be watched on
your video iPod, iPod touch, iPhone, Apple TV and many others.
DVDRemaster accommodates both novices and experts with its simple but
yet powerful interface.


Mac The Ripper 3.0 R14m for Mac

MacTheRipper is a DVD ripper (extractor). It removes CSS encryption,
Macrovision protection, sets the disc's region to '0' for region-free,
and is capable of removing RCE region checking. It can also copy ARccOS
copy-protected DVDs. This is to backup your legally-purchased DVDs onto
your hard drive.

RipIt 1.34 for Mac

Why Rip Your DVDs?
Use your laptop longer!
Laptops use a lot more juice when they're spinning a DVD and a hard drive.
Easily organize your movies!
Moving files around on your computer is a lot easier than alphabetizing shelves
full of DVDs. Find movies faster! Use your Mac's built in search tool, Spotlight,
find a movie in your collection... instantly.
Peace of mind!
Movies stored safely in your computer can't get lost, scratched or broken.
Simplify entertainment on the go!
Why carry around bulky DVD cases or disc wallets when you don't have to?

VisualHub 1.35 beta 2 for Mac

Converting a bunch of AVI files to a DVD shouldn't require a Computer Science
degree. Getting movies from your digital camera to your iPod shouldn't take
hours. Wading through a sea of video formats shouldn't pull you under.
VisualHub bridges the gap between numerous complicated video formatting
standards, and people that just want to get the job done - just what you would
expect from the Mac. If you're looking for something a little more flexible,
VisualHub's up for that challenge too. An extensive Advanced panel lets you
change all pre-set aspects of encoding...and then some. Based on the popular,
award-winning "iSquint" conversion software for iPods. If you've used iSquint,
you already know how to use VisualHub. If you've never used iSquint, you won't
have a lot of catching up to do anyway.

*Fast conversion from nearly every video format to iPod, PSP, DV, DVD, AVI, MP4,
WMV, MPEG and Flash.
*Convert any file in three steps. Click, drag, click.
*Fit up to 18 hours of video on one DVD. Play it in any standalone DVD player.
*Xgrid support. Use the power of every Mac on your network for batch encoding.
*QuickTime Pro or special plugins not required.
*DivX/XviD AVIs, all forms of MPEG video, and many other formats QuickTime
struggles with are supported.
*Batch Processing of multiple files. Save in-place, or to a different folder.
*Very comprehensive Advanced panel to modify every aspect of encoding.
*Dynamic Preview - See results before beginning a long encode.
*Stitch multiple files together to combine videos.
*Highly detailed, informative Users Guide.
*Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel Macs.

What's new in this version:
Added a workaround for a bug in iPhone/iPod touch 2.0.x software that prevents
certain files from being played after syncing.

Operating System Requirements:

This product is designed to run on the following operating systems:
Mac OS X 10.5 Intel
Mac OS X 10.5 PPC
Mac OS X 10.4 Intel
Mac OS X 10.4 PPC
Mac OS X 10.3.9
Mac OS X 10.3
Additional Requirements:
Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later (10.4.3 or later recommended).
10.4.3-10.4.11 required for Xgrid encoding.

iSquint 1.5.2 for Mac

iSquint is an iPod video conversion app for Mac OS X.
It's many times faster than QuickTime Pro, works with almost
all popular video formats, and it's infinitely free-er.
It's also really easy. Just drag in your file, and click Start.
You can also choose "TV" or "iPod" size, set your quality,
or even go all-out by playing in the Advanced drawer.

On a 1GHz G4, iSquint can convert most video files to iPod-
screen-sized videos in realtime. Intel Macs are up to twice as
fast, and can convert videos upwards of 5x realtime! Depending
on a few factors, a 20 minute video will take up anywhere from
50-150MB of disk space.

*Fast MPEG-4 and H.264 conversion from almost every popular
video format, from 3GP to XviD.
*QuickTime Pro and DivX codec not required.
*DivX and XviD AVIs, all forms of MPEG video, and many other
formats QuickTime chokes on are supported.
*Batch Processing of multiple files. Save in-place, or to a
different folder.
*Automatic aspect ratio detection. Anamorphic MPEG-2 and HDV
detected too.
*Quality slider. Leave it as is to trust me, mess with it if you
know better, or completely ignore it and play with the...
*Advanced settings drawer. Change every aspect of the conversion
*Multithreaded for multi-processor computers.
*Just a few of the supported formats: .mov .mp4 .avi .dv .mpg .vob
.3gp .asf .wmv .flv .m4v

Download File Size:35.61 MB

DVD Rippers Collection for Mac
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