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Zuken E3.series 2018 version 19.00 x64 €35 buy download


The Zuken product team is pleased to announce the availability of E³.series 2018 version 19.00. The latest release contains new and enhanced functionality that further increases productivity throughout all phases of engineering, from design to manufacture.

The following functionality is new in Version 2018 Build 19.00:
- Specify which Owner Shall Be Used for a Placeholder Assigned an Attribute with Several Owners
- Conductors in Dynamic Cables and Wires Can Now Be Renamed in the Tree View
- COM - DBE Interface
- New DbeComponentInterface for Editing Components in DBE
- New DbeAttributeInterface for Editing Attributes in DBE
- New DbeSymbolInterface for Editing Symbols in DBE
- New DbeTextInterface for Editing Symbol Texts in DBE
- New COM Interface DbeGraphInterface for Editing Graphics in DBE
- COM - E3_Starter
- Start E3 with Any Start-Up Parameter using COM
- COM-Interface - Miscellaneous
- Enhancement to Return Values in JobInterface for ExportPDF and ExportPDFEx
- Enhancement to Return Value in SheetInterface for ImportDxf
- Enhancement to Return value in DeviceInterface for RemoveFromInstallationSpace
- Enhancement to JobInterface for Loading and Saving Different Device Table Views
- Change in 'Sheetinterface' for Creating Sheets with Regions (Checks to make sure scale is not 0!)
- Enhancement to Return Value in 'SheetInterface' for 'AlignObjects'
- Enhancement to Return Value in 'SheetInterface' for 'PlacePart' and 'PlacePartEx'
- Enhancement to 'ApplicationInterface' for Controlling the Visibility of Components and Symbols using Table Views
- Enhancement to JobInterface for Resetting Access Control on Structure Nodes
- Enhancement to COM Interface for Querying Locked Objects
- Enhancement to TextInterface for Determining the Height of a Text Box using an Existing Text and Specified Width
- Enhancement to DeviceInterface for Reading Item Designation without Suffix
- Flags for Position of Text Box for Get/Set Ballooning Now Evaluated Correctly in TextInterface
- Enhancements to 'ApplicationInterface' and 'DbeApplicationInterface' for Saving and Restoring the Workspace Configuration
- Enhancement to JobInterface for Exporting Structure Nodes and Their Attributes
- Enhancement to DeviceInterface for Recognizing the Connector Type 'Feed-Through Connector'
- Enhancement to Return Values in JobInterface for ImportDrawing and ImportDrawingEx
- Enhancement to SymbolInterface for Removing Reference Symbols
- Enhancement to 'ApplicationInterface' for Outputs in Output Window Enabling User to Jump to Variant Tree by Double-Clicking
- Enhancement to 'DeviceInterface' for Determining the Terminal Position on Mounting
- Enhancement to JobInterface for Checking whether Password Set for Variant/Option Structure
- Enhancement to Return Value in JobInterface when using 'Save' Informing User an Open External Document Has Been Closed without Saving the Data
- Enhancement to DeviceInterface 'GetValidComponentCodes()' for Returning the Desired List Options
- Enhancement to SymbolInterface for Accessing Database Symbol and Reading Its Attributes
- Change to SymbolInterface for PlaceTable() so that No Table Can Be Placed Outside Display Area of Sheet
- Enhancement to Return Value in the GroupInterface for Create() and SetName() because Length of Name Limited to 256 Characters
- Change in Behavior and Return Value for Settings of Variants/Options
- New ClipBoardInterface for Modifying Elements Contained therein before Transferring to Project
- Change to Return Value in PinInterface for pin.HasDevice
- Enhancement to Return Value in JobInterface for SaveAs and in ExternalDocumentInterface for CheckIn Informing User an Opened External Document Was Closed without Saving the Data
- Enhancement to Return Value in SignalClassInterface for Delete and RemoveSignalId if Error Occurs
- Enhancement to ComponentInterface for Determining Subtype of Component
- Enhancement to SymbolInterface for Determining Subtype of Symbol
- Enhancement to PinInterface for Returning Cavity Part on Wire Ends of Wire
- Change to Behavior in PinInterface for SetOuterDiameter
- Specific Functionality of Inheriting Net Number Can Now Be Deactivated
- Display All Placed Conductors/Wires on Connection Line Ending on Connection Node with the Property 'Passes wires' using Arrow Symbol
- Control whether the Name Equivalence Shall Also Be Considered in addition to the Signal Equivalence when Routing Conductors
- Existing Sheet Area Now Adapted to New Sheet Format when Enlarging Sheet Format of Formboard or Topology Sheets
- Control whether Grid Points Shall Also Be Enlarged when Zooming
- Component Preview Symbol Can Now Be Displayed in Preview Window when Selecting Symbol in Schematic
Electrical Checks
- Internal Resistance Can Now Be Defined for Individual Connector Pin Terminals and Pins
- Enhancement to DXF/DWG Export
- Structure Node Assignments and their Attributes Can Now Be Exported and Imported
Fields / Dynamic Symbols
- Now Possible to Edit Corners of Fields (Add / Delete / Move)
- Possible to Control whether Arrowhead of Ballooning Text Points to Graphic of Corresponding Symbol
- Arrows Can Now Be Placed on the Line Ends of Arcs
- User-Defined Line Types Can Now Also Be Used for Ovals and Curves (with FONTS.DAT)
- 'Japanese Industrial Standards' Line Style Can Now Be Selected
Placement / Purge
- Clipboard Structures/Structure Nodes with Contents Can Now Be Deleted in the Tree View
- 'Place on Segment' Functionality Now Possible for Curved Connections
- Defining the Symbol Order for the Component Definition Has Been Simplified
- Table Symbols Now Possible for Normal Devices in Formboard
- Symbol Properties Can Now Be Called Up in Formboard Tables
- Location and Assignment Can Now Be Selected for the Internal and External Sides in the Terminal Plan and Terminal Table
- Text Properties Can Now Be Opened by Double-Clicking on Text
- New Shared Sheets in Topology
- Multiple Display of Overlapping Regions on Separate Sheets
- Example: Topology Base Sheet and Its Shared Sheets
- Generate Shared Sheets using Specific Values
- Generate Shared Sheets Graphically
- Display Shared Sheets
- Overview of All Shared Sheet
- Restrictions
- COM Enhancement to SheetInterface for Creating Shared Sheets on Topology Sheets
- Topology - Miscellaneous
- An Installation Space Can Now Be Placed Automatically for a Device when Placing a Device on a Topology Sheet
- Harness Name Can Now Be Adopted by the Routed Conductors/Wires in the Harness
- Now Possible to Place/Move Installation Spaces on Open Line Ends
- Several Devices Can Now Be Placed Simultaneously in an Installation Space
Tree Views / Bulk Data Management
- Device Table Configuration Can Now Be Saved (and Reloaded)
- Cable End Attributes Can Now Be Added to Cables in the Device Table
- Jump from Different Objects (Device, Symbol, Sheet) to the Database Tree
Update in Project / Change Component
- Control whether Signals on Connector Pins of Block Connector Shall Be Overwritten when Updating Project
- Additional Assignment Now Possible when Changing Component
- Procedure for Placing and Deleting Variant Positions Has Been Modified
- Export Translated Texts from Variant Tree in an XML File
- Assign Different Variants/Options to Pins of a Pin Group
- 'Normal' Device Symbols Can Now Be Defined as Symbol Views on Connectors in E3
- Views Can Now Be Created even if Devices Placed on Locked Sheets
Zoom / Pan / Selection
- Specific Object Types Can Now Be Filtered in a Area Selection

Note: For details on these new features and enhancements, refer to the manual .pdf files available from the Help menu in each module or from the Manuals folder on your hard drive or here. (https://icerbox.com/ygAj0oZO/NewFeaturesenglish.pdf)

About Zuken E³.series E3.series is a Windows-based, scalable, easy-to-learn system for the design of wiring and control systems, hydraulics and pneumatics. The out-of-the-box solution includes schematic (for circuit and fluid diagrams), cable (for advanced electrical and fluid design), panel (for cabinet and panel layout), and formboard (for 1:1 wiring harness manufacturing drawings). Integrated with MCAD, E3.series is a complete design engineering solution from concept through physical realization and manufacturing output.

About Zuken. Zuken is a global provider of leading-edge software and consulting services for electrical and electronic design and manufacturing. Founded in 1976, Zuken has the longest track record of technological innovation and financial stability in the electronic design automation (EDA) software industry. The company’s extensive experience, technological expertise and agility, combine to create world-class software solutions. Zuken’s transparent working practices and integrity in all aspects of business produce long-lasting and successful customer partnerships that make Zuken a reliable long-term business partner.

Product: Zuken E³.series
Version: 2018 version 19.00
Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer / Server 2008 or 2012


Download File Size:2.86 GB

Zuken E3.series 2018 version 19.00 x64
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